“I Wanna Go!” 009

This looks like a “Crimson Tide” ride.  Are you going to the game?


“I Wanna Go!”  8×8 watercolor paper 6×6 original painting Daily Painting 009 – ©️laurakaiken 2016 SOLD

“Waiting for Gameday” 008

His cooler is packed, his coals are hot and the sun is out!  He is ready for gameday.  Will it be a Clemson Tiger Monday or a Alabama Crimson Tide?

Laura K Aiken Studio #lkadp

“Waiting on Gameday” #lkadp 008 6×6 image 8×8 watercolor paper ©laurakaiken 2016 $45  Buy Now!

“Summertime” 007

How much fun is this painting?  I just love looking at vintage campers.  Where do you think they are vacationing?

Laura K AIken Studio #lkadp

“Summertime” #lkadp 007 6×6 image 8×8 watercolor paper ©laurakaiken 2016 $45  Buy Now!

“Purple Haze 006

I am not impressed with this watercolor.  Sometimes you just have to let it go..

Laura K. Aiken Studio #lkadp2016 006

“Purple Haze” #lkadp 006 4×4″ image 8×8″ watercolor paper ©laurakaiken 2016 $45  Buy Now!

“Be Still and Know” 005

I know I would love to be at the beach today! ….small art and watercolor.

Laura K. Aiken Studio #lkadp05

“Be Still and Know” #lkadp 005 4×4 image 8×8 watercolor paper ©laurakaiken 2016 $45  Buy Now!

“A Drive to Table Rock” 004

If you live in SC you know where Table Rock Mountain State Park is.  If you have not been there, trust me, you really should go.  This little watercolor was inspired by that beautiful mountain. [4/365] Daily Painting

Laura K. Aiken Studio #lkadp2016

“A Drive to Table Rock” 4×4 image 8×8 watercolor paper ©laurakaiken 2016 $45  Buy Now!

Well, here we are 2016!

Happy New Year to you dear friends!  I love starting the new year with a clean slate.  Writing goals, cleaning out drawers, throwing junk away and so forth.  Do you do this?  It makes me feel so good.  I actually went to Costco yesterday and saw this book, The life-changing magic of tiding up-the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing by Marie Kondo.  Well I had to buy it!  What better way to start the year.  I can’t wait to read it and watch my life change……not….but maybe!  Think about joining me on this adventure.


Happy New Year laura k aiken studio


I will be starting my daily painting again for 2016 beginning today…it will be late tonight when I post.  This year I get to start on day 1 of 2016.  Please help encourage me…I will need all the help I can get.  They will be 6×6 paintings on 8×8 paper.  I am trying to simplify this time.  These will be affordable original paintings.  Join me want you?  You can receive a daily email to your inbox by signing up here.

I also want to take time to thank each and everyone of you.  You have been my inspiration and my supporters and have lead me where I am today in my creative world.  Thank you , thank you.

Best days to you