Well, here we are 2016!

Happy New Year to you dear friends!  I love starting the new year with a clean slate.  Writing goals, cleaning out drawers, throwing junk away and so forth.  Do you do this?  It makes me feel so good.  I actually went to Costco yesterday and saw this book, The life-changing magic of tiding up-the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing by Marie Kondo.  Well I had to buy it!  What better way to start the year.  I can’t wait to read it and watch my life change……not….but maybe!  Think about joining me on this adventure.


Happy New Year laura k aiken studio


I will be starting my daily painting again for 2016 beginning today…it will be late tonight when I post.  This year I get to start on day 1 of 2016.  Please help encourage me…I will need all the help I can get.  They will be 6×6 paintings on 8×8 paper.  I am trying to simplify this time.  These will be affordable original paintings.  Join me want you?  You can receive a daily email to your inbox by signing up here.

I also want to take time to thank each and everyone of you.  You have been my inspiration and my supporters and have lead me where I am today in my creative world.  Thank you , thank you.

Best days to you


Holiday Happenings

Laura K Aiken Studio

 There will be special prices on my jewelry-let me know you are on my mailing list!

Open Studios 2015 Greenville, SC

Open Studios Laura K Aiken paintings

You are cordially invited to attend 10 Central Avenue Studios

participation in Greenville Open Studios 2015

Open Friday, November 6, 2015
6:00pm – 9:00pm

Saturday, November 7, 2015:
10:00am – 6:00pm

Sunday, November 8, 2015:
Noon – 6:00pm

 I was so delighted to see that I was one of the artists that were “In the Spotlight”
as a participant in Open Studios.  Take a look!

We hope you are able to visit this weekend.  Our group has some outstanding work to show you!

Laura K Aiken Studio



Children 8 through 18 Art Classes

Art Classes 8-18 with Laura K Aiken 10 Central Avenue Greenville SC

Children 8-18 Art Class

Children through teens art classes will begin September 8, 2015 which includes:
*Introduction to different mediums and substrates.
*Introduction to famous artists.
*Varied painting techniques.
*Different uses of brushes.
*All materials are included to use in class.

Classes are Tuesdays  2:45 – 4:15
Limited to 6 students

Cost Options:
4 weeks/$100
8 weeks/$190
12 weeks/$275

Please contact me for any other questions.
Laura K. Aiken Studio
10 Central Avenue #7
Greenville, SC  29601


Greenville, SC Open Studios Tour 2015

The artists at 10 Central Avenue Studios,
are honored to be participating  in this year’s
Greenville’s Open Studios Tour 2015.

Greenville Open Studios

I hope you will save this date and visit us November 6-8.
We have six different artists under one roof participating this year.
I might add that this will be my sixth year! My theme will be
whimsical gray cats. I will offer originals and giclee’s.
I also will have mosaic earrings
 and mosaic pendants with silver and copper accents.
These are very lovely and of course one of a kind.

Special orders will also be offered.

Thank you for your support.  See you there!

Misty Blues and Cool Turquoise Abstract Original Painting

I have been playing around with my new mockup tool from creative market. It’s tons of fun. I did find it had a learning curve but that is ok…I am a slow learner and can take it all in! Ha!

Misty Blues and Cool Turquoise Abstract Original Painting by Laura K. Aiken

It’s hard for me as an artist to find a way to present their work in a natural setting with correct lighting. I feel like now I have found the closet that I will get by creating with the Mockup Creator. What really got my attention was the gray cat. If you know me you know my fur-baby is gray just like this one. Hey…I can even have blonde hair. I think it really shows off Mystic Blue and Cool Teal Abstract painting too. This makes a beautiful print. Original has been sold. T
Thanks for coming by today.





Miss Bonnie the Bloodhound

My lastest commission in watercolor, Bonnie the bloodhound.  I love painting our fur-babies. Do you have a pet you would like painted?  I would love to hear from you!

Bonnie - Laura K Aiken Studio

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Stop by my Etsy store soon, sale lasts until February 3, 2015

20% off mosaic jewelry.

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