Pastel Artist – Casey Klan

Pastel Artist

Today I would like to introduce my internet friend Casey Klan.  I have been following Casey’s interesting blog for years.  Take the time to check him out and you too will understand why I enjoy his artistic posting and video’s.  His work is impeccable and even dreamy.  Get ready to be overwhelmed with beauty and tons of excellant Enjoy!

All These Faces!

Beginnings of a unique challenge with One Hundred Faces.

I am so excited to have found a new art challenge,  One Hundred Faces.
I had been searching for one of these and actually it sort of landed right in front of me while on Instagram.
Inspired by @sharontomlinson , @reneeplains and @flowrsinherhair to paint/draw 100 faces.

These are small at 2 x 3.5″.  I would love for you to follow along or even start doing them yourself.
Just tag as #onehundredfaces.  So far I have done 4.

Why would I start 100 Faces?
I find it very exciting to be apart of a group challenge, not to mention the practice.
What do I want to get out of this?
What I am aiming for is perfecting my love of creating faces.  Kinda of a no brainer, ugh?

Follow me here:  INSTAGRAM  See them all from other artists #onehundredfaces

How to Plan a Color Scheme

I have students all the time ask me how do I come up with my color schemes.  What colors go with other colors .  For me it is as basic as looking at fabric, wallpaper, or magazines etc.  Sometimes just looking at a color wheel doesn’t quite cut it.  Take a look below at some of the examples I pulled together.  If you notice, in most articles, they will have listed a color pallet and then styled accessories and fabrics in the other pictures like below. In other photo, are colors like the color pallet above.  All of these examples are from the  Grandinroad August 2014 catalogue.  Great magazine I might add.

A little sunshine ….

Wow has it been raining around here!  I thought maybe I would pass the cheerful watercolor on to you

in hopes that it may brighten your day.  I even added a little zen doodle for you.  If you would

like to learn to paint a Moroccan Tile, inquire by my using my contact form here on the blog!

laura k aiken studio

In the studio

Lately I have been working with oils.  I just adore painting with anything!

Couldn’t you just swim in these colors?




American Artist Mary Whyte

I enjoy learning through video. I can zero in and better yet, fast forward, since my attention span is pretty short! Below is a fabulous film that was on CBS about three years ago with Mary Whyte. I have admired her work for years and was fortunate enough to soak it all in at the Greenville County Art Museum a few years back. If you ever get a chance do not miss one of her exhibits. Actually while I have your attention,  go ahead and check out her incredible books . I can promise you will fall in love with Mary Whyte’s work and you will not want to fast forward this film!
Enjoy your time with American Artist Mary Whyte.

(Film is about 7 minutes.)

New Look for Website

Hello and thank you for stopping by.  I hope you can tell I am in the mist of creating a new website.  I will not go into the gory details but….I will tell you, this might not have been the brightest idea I have had.  I still have a long way to go in the technical end and hope to have it figured out soon.  Just so you will know,  I have been blogging since 2009.  I have another blog that I had tried to import here but was not successful, and lost the formatting on it in the process.  I would love for you to check it out, though please keep in mind the quirky look was not intentional.  Please bear with me as I continue with my transition and feel free to email me with any questions.  Thank you for your patience!  Oh and I am in the process of adding new work to my Etsy shop, this will be a slow process, but I do have merchandise in my studio and I am taking custom orders.

Thanks again for stopping by.