100 Faces Challenge

“Be Still and Know” 005

I know I would love to be at the beach today! ….small art and watercolor.

Laura K. Aiken Studio #lkadp05

“Be Still and Know” #lkadp 005 4×4 image 8×8 watercolor paper ©laurakaiken 2016 $45  Buy Now!

All These Faces!

Beginnings of a unique challenge with One Hundred Faces.

I am so excited to have found a new art challenge,  One Hundred Faces.
I had been searching for one of these and actually it sort of landed right in front of me while on Instagram.
Inspired by @sharontomlinson , @reneeplains and @flowrsinherhair to paint/draw 100 faces.

These are small at 2 x 3.5″.  I would love for you to follow along or even start doing them yourself.
Just tag as #onehundredfaces.  So far I have done 4.

Why would I start 100 Faces?
I find it very exciting to be apart of a group challenge, not to mention the practice.
What do I want to get out of this?
What I am aiming for is perfecting my love of creating faces.  Kinda of a no brainer, ugh?

Follow me here:  INSTAGRAM  See them all from other artists #onehundredfaces