NEW “Whine and Paint” Party


We had a great time at “Whine and Paint” Friday night.  

Private parties are welcome!

Thank you Elliott Davis Decosimo

Laura K. Aiken Studio

Show Off!

Something about this that I could just get lost in.  Maybe it’s the blue stripes?  ♥

Laura K. Aiken Studio

“Blue Stripes” ©laurakaiken 2016

Misty Blues and Cool Turquoise Abstract Original Painting

I have been playing around with my new mockup tool from creative market. It’s tons of fun. I did find it had a learning curve but that is ok…I am a slow learner and can take it all in! Ha!

Misty Blues and Cool Turquoise Abstract Original Painting by Laura K. Aiken

It’s hard for me as an artist to find a way to present their work in a natural setting with correct lighting. I feel like now I have found the closet that I will get by creating with the Mockup Creator. What really got my attention was the gray cat. If you know me you know my fur-baby is gray just like this one. Hey…I can even have blonde hair. I think it really shows off Mystic Blue and Cool Teal Abstract painting too. This makes a beautiful print. Original has been sold. T
Thanks for coming by today.





Miss Bonnie the Bloodhound

My lastest commission in watercolor, Bonnie the bloodhound.  I love painting our fur-babies. Do you have a pet you would like painted?  I would love to hear from you!

Bonnie - Laura K Aiken Studio

A little sunshine ….

Wow has it been raining around here!  I thought maybe I would pass the cheerful watercolor on to you

in hopes that it may brighten your day.  I even added a little zen doodle for you.  If you would

like to learn to paint a Moroccan Tile, inquire by my using my contact form here on the blog!

laura k aiken studio

In the studio

Lately I have been working with oils.  I just adore painting with anything!

Couldn’t you just swim in these colors?