always thought and said I was self-taught with my creative skills.  What was I thinking? 

Here is a list of a few of my wonderful instructors.  I have either bought their instructional CD, been to an in person class or taken an online class from them.  If I have taken a class from you and your name is not listed, please by all means let me know.


Beth Norton

Bill Richardson

Carol Manning

Christy Tomlinson

Danielle Donaldson

Diane Moreno

Emily Jeffords 

Eric Wiegardt

Helen Garcia

Holly Becker

Jane Spakowsky

Jeannie Mcqire

Jim Campbell

JJ Ohlinger

Julie Johnson

Julia Peters

Martin Cheek

Mr. Lowe

Monica Lee

Mystele Kirkeeng

Sharon Tomlinson

Shug Jones

Sonia King

Stephen Aimone

Susan Sorrell

Suzanne Greene – my first-ever teacher 

Suzie Blu

Tascha Parkinson

Wan Marsh

Wyanne Thompson  

A Mosaic Studio

Cheap Joes

Dick Blick Art Supplies

Etsy *search Mosaic Supplies

Mosaic Art Supply

Suburban Paint Co.

The Starving Artist  

10 Central Avenue Studios
Giclee Printing by Jeff Peters
Framing by Julia Peters

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Jack + Mo Logo + Branding Agency  

Alyson B. Stanfield Art business coach