Where can I purchase your work? 

10 Central Avenue Studios Greenville, SC  29601  864-360-3811
Fine Art America
The Art Cellar

Do you have a studio? 
I sure do!  The studio is located in beautiful Greenville, SC 10 Central Avenue Studios

What are your hours? By appointment is best, but I am usually there 4-8 every day (almost).

Do you create custom artwork, jewelry or mosaics?
I create all three!  I just can’t help myself.  My mosaic work is custom only and I specialize on signage, examples are names, numbers, commercial storefronts, etc..  If you have something in mind let me know.  I also draw custom portrait illustrations.  These illustrations are great for families that want a little something special, whether it be of your fur-baby or family members.  When you are interested give me a shout and we can talk.  Now, with being said, I will speak of my jewelry creations.  If there is anything special you are interested in and want that included in your piece or you have favorite colors or stones, let me know, I can make that happen for you.

I love Greenville Open Studios.  Are you a part of that event?
Yes, I certainly am.  I love being a part of this event.  Please feel welcome to visit my studio then and any other time!

Do you have a booth at craft shows?  I will do a craft show now and then, love one day shows.  I get a little overwhelmed with crowds. :)

Did you go to college for an art degree? No I did not, I majored in Information Technology.  

Do you teach classes?  Yes, I do teach classes and love too!  Please see my schedule and list of classes in the menu.  I will offer private lessons if there is something special you are looking for.

Who is your inspiration, such as favorite famous painter?  I must say Henri Matisse for many, many reasons.  There are several others ofcourse, but too many to list.

What is your DONATE button for? From time to time I help artists with their websites or graphic work.  I don’t like to charge if it is a small thing.   Most want to do something in return so therefore, I finally added a donate button.  This way if one wants to donate a little for my art supplies I will certainly use it!  :)